Sometimes it’s ALL about authenticity. About ‘living” it. Especially so in the case of hugely popular and highly regarded Manchester restaurant El Rincón.

At the top of their trade for more than 20 years, the family-run restaurant opened by ex-footballer Rafael Cabrera-Vargas has become a byword for all that’s great about Spanish food. With Rafa front of house every day and family members behind the bar, in the kitchen and serving the tables, the passion for food and the love of genuine heartfelt Spanish hospitality at El Rincón de Rafa is clear for all to see.

It’s an enthusiasm that’s clearly enthusiastically received with 80% of nearly 1000 TripAdvisor reviews rating the restaurant ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’.

In it for the long term

It’s an honesty, a philosophy of authenticity that we share and perhaps one of the main reasons why Rafa has used Alan, Tyler and the team for his restaurant accounts for more than 15 years. We understand each other.


Says Rafa, “Tyler takes a lot of responsibility out of my hands. Particularly the wages. We put the hours into the system and it’s all handled automatically. The less I have to worry about the accounts the more I can dedicate myself to what I love – making my guests happy.”

Rafa’s a perfect client,” adds Tyler, “we share similar values – it’s all about the work.”

In the case of El Rincón de Rafa what does that work cover?

Committed accountancy services for a committed client

“The key features are cash management, HMRC liability management and support plus profitability analysis,” says Tyler. “Work that makes sure Rafa is always on top of his legal compliance and always on top of all the important figures, the information that shows him where he’s making money and the areas that might need a little attention.”

“The guys are very efficient,” concludes Rafa.

Would he be happy to recommend them to other restaurant owners?


Gracias Rafa.