We (NP Hospitality Accountants) succeed when you succeed. If your social media activity is in need of a shot of creativity and flair, we want to give you some tips to help. This week’s blog is written by the team at BizWizUK, social media experts, offering tips on how to get the best from social media marketing.

In recent years the hospitality industry has continued to be disrupted by the increasing presence of social media and online forums. The power is no longer in the hands of the brand, but the customer.

Customers are better informed due to forums like TripAdvisor, enabling them to leave reviews for thousands to see.  But taking control of your own social media platforms can have massive benefits!

Why Use Social Media?

With so many businesses in the hospitality industry relying heavily on reputation and word of mouth recommendations, social media is unsurprisingly an incredibly useful marketing tool. With six new Facebook profiles created every second, and 2 billion active Facebook users, your future customers are probably out there!

Now, social media is ever-present to promote and build a brand’s reputation, even if the brand itself is not responsible for it. Social media users can check in to your bar or restaurant and share reviews on Facebook, share images of their food on Instagram whilst also tagging their location as your business. Enthusiastic, satisfied customers become part of your marketing strategy – you just need to know how to take charge of your own social media platforms and expand your reach.

How Can You Take Charge?

Consistency: Make sure your brand is consistent throughout all social media platforms. For example, use the same logo throughout all profile pictures. Consider updating your cover photo with up-to-date promotions or events – it’s the first thing customers see when visiting your page. A great example can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/DoubleTreeLinc/

Keep Your Pages Updated

Social media pages that never update seem off-putting to potential customers. For example, if you’re struggling, an easy way to maintain your accounts is to share your Instagram posts directly to your Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Expanding Your Reach Incentives

Ask your followers to like/share/retweet your message in return for a free meal, bar tab or night’s stay. This way, your brand is reaching the friends of all of those who share who are likely a similar demographic, who like to go to similar places to eat and drink.

See the example on the right– look how many shares, likes and comments does this post have, expanding their brand to a huge number of people.


If you have an event, make a page for it on Facebook. People will express their interest, and this will then show up on the timelines of their friends who may not know about the event.

Social media is a necessity in the hospitality industry, helping you to promote your brand, increase engagement and attract new customers.

If your social media strategy seems flat then BizWizUK can help put the fizz back.  Contact them for an informal chat to explore ways they can help.